We dream of a world where we give back to the planet more than we take.
At sourced by, we’ve made it our mission to create a better food system – for people and the planet. From each handful of kale to our reusable packaging and carbon offsetting, we put the planet first. Here are some of the ways we are working to put sustainability into action throughout our supply chain so we can be each other’s partner for a better future.
Inspired by Nature.
We live in a world where on-demand everything is the norm. If we want blackberries in January and Brussels sprouts in June, we can walk into almost any supermarket and pick them off the shelf. However, this isn’t how nature works. We make it our business to source seasonally, and speak to farmers who’ve got an abundance of perfectly tasty produce on their hands, reducing waste in the process.
Waste less.
Every year, the United States throws away over one-third of all the food it produces – that’s 20 pounds of food per person per month. This wasted food goes into landfills, where it releases methane gas into the atmosphere. In an effort to reduce waste, we’re committed to using whole vegetables where we can as well as imperfect produce. Our leftover carrot tops, for example, are turned into a vinaigrette, and drizzled over our charred carrot orzo salad.
Support local.
We partner with local farmers and suppliers not only to connect you to real, wholesome food, but also to streamline production and to limit greenhouse gas emissions. Our goal is to reduce the distance from your food to your table. When you eat locally grown food with the seasons, you’re getting the freshest, tastiest, most nutritious meals possible while supporting local farmers and the environment.
Reuse more.
The average American generates 22 pounds of plastic waste every month. We can do better. This is why we choose to forgo unnecessary packaging and materials, and instead deliver waste-free. To do that, we deliver our meals in glass containers inside totes with ice packs – all reusable. We hope you’ll understand holding onto a few extra items until your next delivery.
Planet-first, always.

We will always be transparent in what we do and challenge ourselves to do and be better. We continually strive to improve our waste management, reduce operational greenhouse gas emissions and actively address the impact of our supply chain. And we continue to work with our producers, our partners, our team, and our community to reduce our climate footprint across the entire supply chain.

Have suggestions for how we can do more? We’re all ears: hello@sourcedby.co